Braintree Brings Fraud Protection to Merchants

Payment platform Braintree - leveraged by many popular brands including Airbnb, Angry Birds, Fab, Hotel Tonight, TaskRabbit and Uber - has  announced it has enhanced its payment platform with additional level of fraud protection for its merchants by leveraging the purchasing behavior across a large network of online and mobile companies. 


Now all Braintree merchants, from startups to enterprises, benefit from this powerful network effect that shields them from a variety of threats, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and losses to their business.


By analyzing purchasing activity from thousands of online and mobile retailers, Braintree creates rules that take into account hundreds of variables across the network for merchants to apply to their business. Braintree goes beyond looking at a customer's purchase behavior at a single merchant by analyzing purchasing behavior across a large number of merchants. With these insights, Braintree can accurately recognize fraud and take appropriate actions.


"Our experience in processing more than $10 billion of online and mobile commerce annually has given us the data and expertise needed to deliver comprehensive tools that further protect our merchants and stop fraudsters," said Bill Ready, CEO, Braintree. "Fraud is not a problem limited to large merchants. Our goal is to provide startups everything they need to grow and scale, including fraud protection."


Historically, startups and smaller merchants have struggled to keep up with rapidly changing fraud threats due to a lack of dedicated resources and expertise. Large enterprises spend massive resources in the form of time and money to protect themselves from fraud-cutting into already tight profit margins. With this enhancement, Braintree is delivering incredible savings to large retailers while democratizing access for startups to sophisticated fraud tools used by some of the world's best-known brands.