Combat Mobile Abandonment with Shopgate, Trust Guard

Statistics abound about the proliferation of smartphones, the subsequent rise in transactions, as well as the challenges brought on by the trend: 


- 29% of mobile users have made purchases (Business Insider, 2013)

- $67 billion in purchases will be made by 2015 in Europe and the U.S. (BoA, 2013)

- 50% of online shoppers worry about safety and security. (Forrester, 2012)


That last statistic is what should catch the collective attention of the ecommerce industry. Today, mobile-minded Internet retailers must take the necessary steps to provide some confidence to smartphone users that their personal and financial information is secure during their mobile experience. As a professional group we can do more, and many ecommerce platform providers are helping retailers take the lead. 


Mobile commerce platform Shopgate, for example, just announced they will be partnering with Trust Guard, a provider of website security, privacy and business verification seals. It's been well documented that offerings provided by Trust Guard and others prove useful in reducing consumer anxiety over the credibility of digital enterprises which leads to some serious problems for merchants.  


"Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems for online shops," said Andrea Anderheggen, CEO and founder of Shopgate. "There are many reasons for a customer to interrupt his or her shopping process: the price, the bad user experience, or trust."


ShopGate's new association with Trust Guard hopes to correct at least some of that. 


"Together with Trust Guard, we can tackle two of these reasons; besides a better mobile user experience provided by the Shopgate mobile commerce solutions, we can now also help our merchants generate more trust for their shop through the important seals of trust provided by Trust Guard," said Anderheggen. "We are looking forward to a great partnership from which online shops will benefit the most."