Common Google Ad Extensions for Ecommerce Merchants

Google Ad extensions give potential customers more reasons to click on paid search ads. By including additional information, such as contact information, more website links or special offers, advertisers can meet the demands of information-happy consumers and possibly increase click-throughs, conversions and brand awareness overall. 


Here are common ad extensions used for ecommerce merchants:


Google Plus Ad Extensions

These "social extensions or annotations" allow users to see how many Google+ followers a business has. Consumers can follow the business and learn more about it through Google+. When companies have an impressive Google+ following, this can add credibility to the ad. 



Location Extensions

With mobile taking a front seat in Google's move toward Enhanced Campaigns, location extensions can further target local consumers who are searching for a nearly brick-and-mortar location. To optimize the use of this feature, merchants should write the ad copy with the location extension in mind. Additionally, retailers should include local names in keywords, such as neighborhood or district. In the example below, Pizza Hut uses both social (Google+ followers) and location (map of location) extensions. 



Product Extensions

Merchants can enhance their existing AdWords ads with product extensions, which allow them to add more specific information about their products. The extensions show images, titles and prices of products in a "plusbox" under their ad. These extensions are meant to improve click-through and conversion rates and traffic quality.



Call Extensions

With the increase in mobile searches, merchants should utilize this extension to connect users to their business directly by phone. Rather than forcing potential customers to write down or remember a phone number, they can simply click-to-connect. 



Seller Rating Extensions

Consumer reviews directly influence buying behavior. This is because people trust fellow consumers more than corporations or even local businesses. By incorporating reviews into a paid search ad, merchants allow people to see businesses that are highly recommended by online shoppers like them. 



Offer Extensions

This feature helps merchants reach the right customer at the right time (on phones, tablets and computers) and promote in-store coupons in their online ads. The idea is to take a consumer who is searching online, offline by having them walk through a brick-and-mortar location with a coupon in hand (see below, "view this ad's deal") or have online shoppers click through the ad because of free shipping or like promotions.