Creating Connections for Multi-channel Retailers

On-demand ecommerce platform provider OrderDynamics wants to create connections for multi-channel retailers to help them extend the consumer experience, from retail stores to ecommerce channels, with Connected Commerce.

Connected Commerce was spurred on by the rapid adoption of mobile mediums, such as tablets and smartphones, which have greatly increased the number of potential touch points for retailers to reach out to consumers. OrderDynamics wants to ensure that the integrations of physical and virtual environments will improve the entire retail experience by focusing on various aspects of running an online retail business, including the following:

Customer information: Connected Commerce can increase a retailer's number of repeat customers by sharing multi-channel data across in-store applications, online properties and direct marketing programs.

Merchandising: The solution can now integrate promotions and multi-channel content, and drive order values using rich media, various in-store features, promotions and loyalty programs.

Marketing: Through the unification of brand touch points and the alignment of channel-centric interactions, retailers can cultivate more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Order management: In an effort to provide consumers with greater transparency (and increase customer satisfaction), OrderDynamics is now offering optimized, automated customer service tools.

Warehouse: Retailers will be able to ship packages faster, and for less money, by leveraging OrderDynamics' distributed inventory and advanced fulfillment methods.