Customer Ratings & Reviews in Freshbooks

Cloud-based accounting service Freshbooks is rolling out a new tool that enables its users to collect feedback from their customers.

The new review and ratings feature is an interesting addition to the accounting software as it offers Freshbook users an opportunity to collect feedback on their business and their interaction with customers directly after they pay a bill through the platform.

"Small business owners are starved for feedback. But it takes time to ask your clients for this information, and many owners find the process terrifying and awkward. With FreshBooks our customers now have an automated feature that helps them to gather client feedback, increase referral rates, and generate positive reviews for marketing materials with the click of a mouse."

Freshbooks is using a Net Promoter Score model for its new feature, a three-tiered scale (explained more thoroughly here) to classify customers as "Promoters" (scoring 9 or 10), "Passives" (those who rate your business a 7 or 8) and finally, "Detractors" (anything six or less).