Customer Service Via SMS

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 23 Feb, 2016

Customer service is evolving before our digital eyes. Not only are messaging apps emerging as a preferred communications method, but some customers are also looking to receive service via SMS.


For the latter, companies can leverage technologies like TouchCommerce's new TouchSMS product, which uses native text messaging (SMS) capabilities on mobile devices to engage consumers for timely and personalized interactions with brands. What's more, TouchSMS provides a personalized engagement option for consumers who have a slow or limited Internet connection.


"The simplicity and immediacy of text messaging are key for today's always-on consumers and the businesses that serve them," said Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of TouchCommerce. "TouchSMS allows enterprises to communicate with customers regardless of their location and Internet connection quality. The ubiquity of SMS makes it a critical channel for enterprises offering personalized, real-time engagement. Deepening this connection will ultimately increase conversion and customer satisfaction."


Although some brands already offer one-way SMS notifications, most don't offer a way to hold a two-way SMS conversation with a live representative. TouchSMS, however, provides this functionality to enterprises so they can offer a convenient and personalized customer service experience. In fact, TouchSMS enables enterprises to invite consumers from an offline and/or offsite medium to an on-the-go conversation. Engagements take place in a secure, private environment so customers can send and receive sensitive information, and the conversation history is also saved. The product can be leveraged to improve conversions, as it enables consumers to respond to promotional messages, inquire about a product, refill orders, check on the status of an order, schedule or change appointments, find a store location, reset passwords and more.


It is also important to note that TouchSMS is still responsive if all chat agents are busy. In fact, TouchCommerce Product Marketing Manager Josefine Fouarge says that enterprises have several options in this scenario, including placing the customer into a queue with a customizable message, or directing the customer to a different service channel.