Delivering a Cohesive B2B & B2C Shopping Experience

There's a big difference between selling to consumers and selling to businesses. The question is are you prepared to deliver an experience that is optimized to each specific audience? 

Businesses selling on BigCommerce will now be able to leverage their existing product catalogs and customer data within B2B commerce platform Handshake, enabling a wider range of B2B-selling scenarios and maintaining a single source of "truth" (i.e., data) for sales, inventory, pricing, and orders spanning both B2C and B2B channels. That could potentially help businesses reduce the cost and complexity of selling to both business and consumers simultaneously.

The  Handshake Rep mobile app is now available to existing BigCommerce customers in the platforms' App Marketplace.

"A significant portion of B2B sales are still conducted manually on paper, and for brands selling both to other businesses and consumers, B2B operations are disconnected from the rest of the business, creating duplicative workflows and inefficiencies," said Glen Coates, CEO and co-founder at Handshake.

"Through our partnership with BigCommerce, merchants will now have access to a complete SaaS ecommerce solution for both B2C and B2B selling, empowering businesses to sell more efficiently while maximizing ROI from their technology investments."