Digital is Revolutionizing B2B Commerce

There's a significant gap between B2B buyer expectations and the commerce experiences that enterprises provide.

Is the industry doing enough to minimize the very obvious problems?

Right now it seems that the answer is a resounding "no" and that's one of the reasons that new solutions are making their way into the market - there's an incredible opportunity. 

Further, new research out from CloudCraze, which delivers B2B commerce functionality native on the Salesforce platform, suggests that upward of 70 percent of B2B enterprises have lost a deal due to ordering specific pain points. For many that's going to be unsurprising, but for all it will be discouraging. The study found that more than 65 percent of B2B businesses are running on commerce platforms that are over two years old, demonstrating a lag in the implementation of sophisticated digital offerings. 

CloudCraze's 2017 B2B Digital Commerce Imperative study also found however that roughly a quarter (27 percent) of B2B organizations (only 200 were surveyed however) plan to spend at least $2 million in the next fiscal year on their commerce systems to improve digital experiences. 

"The digital shift is revolutionizing the B2B commerce industry, so B2B businesses must reevaluate how they interact with customers and execute sales strategies," said Chris Dalton, CEO of CloudCraze. "There is a clear rift within the industry when it comes to the expectations of B2B buyers and opportunities provided by enterprises."