Ecommerce Fraud Fighters Gain Biometric Powers

The fight against fraud is about to take a completely new and different approach.

Fraud-protection service ClearSale announced the release of its new proprietary Mapper biometric toolkit. The solution combines real-time purchaser behavior and historical data to analyze each individual order's risk of fraud. The idea behind Mapper is essentially to thwart would-be thieves who have enough stolen data to impersonate legitimate customers; which is an increasingly common problem.

The behaviors that Mapper examines include the amount of time spent on a website, the amount of time it takes to enter data (customer, shopping and payment data), and a biometric comparison of the shoppers keyboard input and mouse movements to data from previous valid transactions by the same person.

"Fraudsters can steal information, but they cannot always reproduce regular customer behavior with a mouse or keyboard," said Rafael Lourenco, VP of US Operations at ClearSale. "One of the key weapons against fraud is the ability to analyze the purchase behavior of the person who is placing the order. Mapper adds another layer of detailed, real-time information to each order's fraud score."