EXPERTS SPEAK: How Will Retailers Win This Holiday Season?

There is little doubt that the ecommerce industry will enjoy the success of holidays past and likely set new records for digital (desktop and mobile) sales. Just because the potential is there, however, doesn't mean all retailers will benefit.


There are critical elements, processes and strategies that need to be implemented in order to "win" this holiday season, and those that listen to the experts and put their guidance in place will be those positioned for greater success.


Website Magazine caught up with several industry thought leaders to get their take on how retailers will win this holiday season. What is their advice and guidance - in 140 characters or less - for the busiest shopping season of the year?


"Listening to customers before sending a first promotional communication and using insights from various channels to inform their strategy."

- Bonnie Malone, senior director, professional services North America at Return Path




"Catering to unmet needs with flexible delivery options, curated experiences and giving consumers' greater choice, control and convenience."

- Stefan Weitz, chief product and strategy officer for Radial





"Retailers win with on-site, real-time tools that enable shoppers to discover items that they, and their friends, really want at POS."

- Berkley Bowen, CEO and founder of Cue Connect




"This season, target Millennials on mobile: 28% of Gen Y purchase for holidays on smartphones and top e-retailers make 50+% sales on mobile."

- Harris Bernstein, vice president of account strategy at Criteo





"For true omnichannel experiences this holiday season, retailers need to bridge the gap for customers between physical and digital shopping."

- Jamie Anderson, senior vice president, marketing for SAP Hybris




"Over 90% of mobile time spent is in apps. Apps are a key way retailers can reach customers directly on their device during the holidays."

"Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, vice president, marketing & communications at App Annie




"Retailers that anticipate, adapt and align to shifting customer expectations throughout the order and fulfillment lifecycle will be victors this holiday season."

- Shane Desrochers, vice president, digital commerce and retail analytics for Aptos, Inc.




"You don't have to focus on acquiring new customers. Use customer data to segment email lists w/personalized offers based on past purchases."

 - Elan Sherbill, industry blogger @ElanSherbill




"Back-end databases must be able to handle millions of concurrent checkouts or retailers risk repeating the high-profile 'add to cart' #primedayfail story."

- Jose Santa Ana, senior director of product marketing at Clustrix