From Reactive to Proactive: A Logistics Command Center for Retailers

Retailers know that creating a proactive (and positive) delivery experience provides an immense return and they are keeping an eye out for solutions that will deliver the experiences consumers demand and the operational efficiency that retailers desperately need. 

Convey, for example, which provides an enterprise platform to optimize the end-to-end customer delivery experience, has just announced the launch of its Engage product, an all-in-one logistics command center for managing in-transit shipments.

Analysis across Convey's client base has found as many as 8-12% of shipments will have a carrier-reported issue and roughly 25% of these issues are actionable. Through Engage, retailers will gain the ability to proactively solve shipment issues before customers ask, ultimately saving the retailer money and improving the customer experience. 

Features of the Engage solution include configurable business rules (which automatically prioritize, escalate and trigger actions as issues occur), task and queue management, real-time collaboration (communicating with internal team members, carriers and shoppers within a single interface, and proactive customer communication capabilities to help keep shoppers up to date and allow customers to initiate conversations through their preferred channels.

"With thousands of shipments in-flight at any point in time and the details around those orders living in many disparate systems across our organization, it can be difficult to figure out which ones need our immediate attention," said Kevin Scott, Logistics Manager, "Convey's Engage solution will give our team all the information we need to go from reactive to proactive while also providing us with the tools to communicate with all relevant parties within the same view."

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