Geo-Targeting: Removing the Barriers to Conversion

By Graham Cooke, Qubit

Geo-targeted advertising has become an important tool for retailers, allowing them to reach customers with individualized content. By obtaining users' locations, you can approach them with specific offers, direct them to nearby shops and use their weather conditions to recommend a product - to name a few use cases discussed here. 

Futhermore, hyper-local targeting allows you to personalize the entire customer experience by preventing site fatigue and abandonment.

Speak Their Language 

Altering the look and service of your website so that it is appropriate for customers, is one of the most useful functions of geo-targeting. Designer childrenswear store Childrensalon introduced a feature that enables visitors to chat with customer service representatives in their native language. A message layer is created for each of the company's international markets, indicating this in the customer's language - driving a 13 percent increase in conversions for the retailer.

Prepare Them for the Weather

By recommending items for a particular season based on their local weather conditions, you can better customize the consumer experience. Pantene, for example, found advertising a variety of products in different locations works to their advantage. When a woman checks the site from a hot and humid location, Pantene can introduce her to Pantene smooth. Similarly, if she is in an area with low humidity, they can display a volumizing product.

You can also advertise nearby stores or upcoming openings. Integrating your online and offline offerings increases brand loyalty and keeps your customers well-informed of your brick-and-mortar operations.

Send Them Recommendations

Targeted merchandising allows you to promote individual products or product ranges for almost any reason. Underwear company, Freshpair, asks customers to sign up to their em.ail list on entry, allowing them to contact customers with ideas and offers, even after they have abandoned the site. A persuasive tone is key, as it entices your customer to be "the first to know"

Publicizing the latest additions and offers to your collection will ensure that your customers return. For instance, if a customer has purchased from your site in the past, you can display your new inventory upon their return, whereas if they are a new customer you can feature popular products. By customizing the shopping experience, you allow customers to find the most useful content in the shortest amount of time.

Optimizing your website based on a visitor's location will guarantee that your customers land on a real-time personalized page. 

Graham Cooke is the CEO of Qubit, a big data digital experience management (DXM) platform. Its technology helps the twenty-first century marketer create personalized website experiences to drive enhanced conversion rates. Qubit has created an ebook, which offers marketers additional ways to geo-target customers and remove the barriers to conversions.