Humanizing the Sales Process

Sam Campbell
by Sam Campbell 16 Jan, 2023

The role of "sales" has undoubtedly changed in the age of self-service and automation, but a good sales person may still have the advantage but only when they're armed with information that can make a genuine difference. 

Fortunately, technology can provide some much needed support for those on the cusp of being replaced thanks to AI, big data and machine learning., for example, has announced they will offer their AI-powered Google Chrome extension to SalesLoft customers at no cost. The for Chrome extension uses artificial intelligence to automate the research work required to understand buyers and discover opportunities to reach out. Instead of searching the Web for insights on each and every account in their list, will do this research automatically. for Chrome displays intelligence/information inside of SalesLoft. For example, could show that one prospect's company expanded internationally while another hired a new CMO. Users will see insights on buyers including personal and company news mentions, social media activity, and visibility into who has the best relationships at target accounts. Once is installed, users will immediately see insights in SalesLoft as they view Contacts and Companies or execute a Cadence.

"SalesLoft is a natural partner as one of the most popular platforms for sales engagement. We know that SalesLoft 'believes in humanizing sales engagement' - and we believe in the power of relationships. The advent of artificial intelligence represents a powerful new opportunity to drive enhanced human relationships and interactions, rather than replacing them with a robot," said Paul Teshima, co-founder and CEO of
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