Monetate Shows Personalization Matters

What was once viewed as intrusive, if not creepy, today is a convenience and a consumer demand. 

This is, of course, is personalized online customer experiences. And Monetate, a technology solution that leverages real-time and historical big data, delivers these experiences. In fact, its platform influenced more than $1 billion in U.S. ecommerce sales during the 2012 peak Thanksgiving holiday shopping week, up 44 percent from 2011 comparable traffic.

Monetate enables marketers to create a Web experience that reacts intelligently to a customer based on purchase history, device, demographics, in-session browsing behavior and more, resulting in higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction and increased revenues, according to the company.

"Consumers are demanding more convenient Web experiences across a broader variety of devices including smartphones and tablets, and we've seen that trend explode over the holiday shopping weekend," said Monetate CEO and Found David Brussin. "Fortunately, our retail clients were prepared for this 'buy-on-the-fly' culture and were able to meet consumer needs by allowing them to find and purchase the products they wanted quickly and easily, regardless of which device they were using."

Monetate boasts an impressive list of retail clients, including Macy's, Frontier Airlines, Tommy Hilfiger, Office Max, Best Buy and the list goes on.

Monetate's solutions, which combine A/B and multivariate testing with behavioral targeting, merchandising and product recommendations, are used by global brands across a spectrum of industries. Monetate enables brands to use Big Data to increase conversions by creating a more relevant online experience.

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