Optimized Product Pages to Check Out

Product pages are like treasure chests for serious online shoppers.


These data-rich Web pages contain valuable information consumers need to make purchasing decisions, such as images, pricing, descriptions and reviews. Even so, not all product pages are built with the consumer in mind. In fact, often times the most important product information is either missing or too difficult to find, which results in high abandonment rates and user frustration. 

Companies with optimized product pages, however, experience favorable conversion metrics and better engagement from their site visitors. This includes increased time-on-site and interaction with product reviews.



Product Page Takeaway: Innovative Images

An online shopper's first impression of an item is the product images. These are what entice the consumer to learn more about a product, so they can make an informed purchasing decision. In order to leave a good first impression, merchants should include alternate views of their products as well as zooming functionality, just as Nordstrom's does on its product pages. These features allow consumers to view the details of an item without having to go to a brick-and-mortar location.


Product Page Takeaway: Robust Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most influential aspects of an ecommerce website, because these unfiltered opinions provide online shoppers with social evidence as to how a product works. Although Wal-Mart's product pages follow many best practices (having multiple product views, detailed descriptions and site-to-store pickup options), the company really excels with its product review offerings, which includes key statistics and a filtering option.

Victoria's Secret

Product Page Takeaways: Suggested Products, Sizing Tool

Suggested products are beneficial for both consumers and merchants. This handy element of a product page helps consumers find items that they weren't originally searching for, as well as helps merchants increase their average order value. While Victoria's Secret does a good job at suggesting items to its visitors who are browsing product pages, the retailer also deters returns with its "Size and Fit" link, which appears next to every relevant product. By clicking on this link, visitors can use the chart to determine the correct clothing sizes for their body.

Toys "R" Us

Product Page Takeaway: Up-Front Shipping Information

Shipping rates and times can greatly influence purchasing decisions, so why not be up front with this information? Often times, consumers have to wait until the checkout page to find out how much shipping will be or how long it will take. However, Toys "R" Us offers this information directly on its product pages. In fact, on this retailer's product pages, consumers can see how much money needs to be spent in order to receive free shipping, if the product is available to be shipped internationally, how long it will take for the product to leave the warehouse and if store shipping options are available.


Product Page Takeaway: Detailed Descriptions

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but is it worth its retail price? For online shoppers, the answer to this question is sometimes unknown because a product image doesn't always provide the details one needs in order to make a purchasing decision. This makes description information useful. Ulta, for example, provides detailed explanations for all of its products, which also includes specifications and access to an ingredient list.