Optimizing the Omnichannel Customer Experience

Automation and intelligence solution OpenSpan announced that eBay Enterprise will be using its solutions to drive process and technology improvements for its retail clients.

OpenSpan provide a portfolio of desktop automation and robotic automation solutions that are designed to automate, simplify and integrate applications and technologies to improve the way its contact center agents work.

eBay Enterprise uses a "Universal Agent" model where each contact center agent handles customer interactions for multiple retail brands. To perform their jobs, agents are required to learn the eBay Enterprise internal systems, as well as client-specific applications. That can, of course, be complicated when multiple clients are being managed.

"Our agents sometimes have to interact with up to fifteen different systems to perform their jobs," said Robin Gomez, Director of Operational Excellence for eBay Enterprise. "To deliver the premier service our clients have come to expect from eBay Enterprise, we wanted to invest in technology that would improve the way agents interact with customers."

eBay Enterprise is essentially relying on OpenSpan to help make their customer service agents more effective and efficient. Previously, for example, agents needed to log in to multiple systems one at a time. With Openspan, and its assisted sign-on feature, agents only need to log in once - saving time that can be spent instead serving and servicing customers.

"In our evaluation process, we looked at core capabilities, extensibility, management deployment and ease of use," said Gomez. "Given the diversity of the applications and systems across our company and our clients' technologies, we needed a solution with flexibility and robust integration capabilities. OpenSpan was our technology partner of choice for this project."