Overcoming Ecommerce Sales Resistance

Believe it or not, a vast majority (92 percent) still occur offline. A new study from Ripen Ecommerce explores the reasons what exactly is keeping shoppers offline and the answers might surprise you.

When asked what would make them most likely to purchase an item in-store instead of online, 30.8 percent said they wanted to see or feel products in person. Other reasons include wanting items right away (29.9 percent), maintaining personal privacy (16.9 percent), saving on shipping costs (14.4 percent), and easier/cheaper returns (6.5 percent).

There are of course ways to combat this objections. For example, in the case of wanting to feel products in person, online retailers can do a better job of showcasing products with enhanced images, virtual product tours, etc.

These objections have existed since the first Web-based conversion took place, so what is your advice for surmounting this obvious challenges?