Payfirma Adopts a Recurring Payment Feature

Ecommerce merchants are constantly looking for methods to reduce overhead and improve efficiency. One of the most popular ways to do that these digital days is through recurring billing. 

Online retailers are increasingly seeking out the practice, as it reduces administrative work, helps recover lost revenue, improves billing efficiency and provides an opportunity to increase sales by offering users more flexible payment options. 

Website Magazine recently covered the top recurring payment platforms, but the technology trend is increasing in popularity so rapidly that other solutions are almost constantly emerging. 

The most recent entrant is Payfirma, which recently announced the launch of a recurring billing solution to its existing suite of payment products. Designed for installment payments, subscriptions and memberships, Payfirma's offering, much like other solutions, helps businesses avoid the hassle associated with billing customers regularly. Merchants using the new system can automate online credit card billing, manage the scheduling of billing plans and customize different steps in the transaction process, as well as access payment history and payment reporting data. 

"We continuously work to enhance the checkout experience our merchants give to their customers," says Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma. "The automation and customization now available through Recurring Billing gives merchants a payment solution that is flexible, customer-friendly and simple."