Premium Packaging's Role in Sales & Shares

"Unboxing" videos are wildly popular forms of user-generated content (UGC) where a customer simply records them removing their purchases from boxes. 


Both shoppers and retailers alike appreciate this UGC because it's mutually beneficial. One hand, customers can get a real-life depiction of what an item will look like when they receive it. On the other, retailers have a powerful review of their products that consumers can not only relate to in order to improve conversions, but that can also be used as a means of direct, qualitative feedback to improve the fulfillment of their orders. 


Ecommerce marketers would be wise to encourage shoppers to create unboxing videos. In reality, however, consumers really have to be self-motivated to do so and that can be nudged through the use of premium packaging, which makes shoppers more likely to share purchases on social media (whether it's through video or a text or image-based post). 


"Creating a unique branded experience by using packaging that is more than a traditional brown box excites customers," said Dotcom Distribution CEO Maria Haggerty. "They like to see personality and branding, which creates a memorable experience for them. Almost half (49 percent) of consumers say premium packaging gets them more excited about opening a package and 61 percent say it makes the brand seem more upscale."


Haggerty continues, "Not only does it make consumers more excited but they're far more likely to give positive reviews and share a package that is more visually appealing. In fact, 40 percent of online shoppers say branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend a product to friends. It's clear that customers are looking to fellow consumers for validation of brands. Provide a branding experience that delivers premium packaging so that your customers want to rave about their experiences with other consumers."


If ditching the brown box results in more sales and more social shares, isn't it worth a try especially when a priority on customer experience is at an all-time high?


"Nowadays, differentiation and a tailored customer experience helps to build brand experience and increase customer engagement," said Haggerty. "Non-branded, traditional packaging is the status quo. It's what people expect and it doesn't excite them. When you break that mold, you create a new brand image that shows customers you care about what they want to receive. In fact, 34 percent of consumers say the use of branded or gift-like packaging affects their perception of the brand or retailer that shipped the item. Premium packaging is not just about the immediate customer transaction and delivering that product, it positively affects your long-term relationships with customers. 


"Most retail brands have limited in-person interactions with customers today because of the increasing preference to fulfill shopping needs digitally, but they still demand a personal experience. So make your customers excited about receiving and opening a product. Deliver packages in a convenient yet engaging way through branded packaging and clear instructions that also encourage them to share their experience."