Premium Packaging Increases Social Shares, May Reduce Returns

Buyers' remorse is something most consumers have felt at some point after purchasing products online or offline. This could be because their expectations of the purchase fell short, they regret spending the money or the entire shopping experience left much to be desired, among other reasons.


When a retailer finds a way to engage their consumers even after a product is in their hands, however, brands have a unique opportunity to not only reduce buyers' remorse (and, thus, exchanges/returns), but also increase repeat purchases and create brand advocates and new acquisition opportunities. One such way is through premium, branded packaging. 


In a recent survey from Dotcom Distribution, 40 percent of consumers surveyed said that gift-like packaging makes them more likely to recommend the product to friends and 29 percent indicated they are more likely to purchase from a brand again if the product comes in a branded or gift-like box. 


In other words, shoppers want an elevated experience to feel like their money was well spent (this is especially true for lifestyle brands and personal products according to the survey). Beyond customers' own satisfaction, premium packaging (think nicely designed sturdy boxes, beautiful tissue paper, branded stickers, ribbon, etc.) can influence social shares.



(Dotcom Distribution client, Adore Me, receives an impressive amount of social shares thanks to its premium packaging shown here in distribution.)


In fact, 40 percent of consumers said branded packaging makes them more likely to share a product image or video on social media, and consumers are 1.5 times more likely to share pictures of gift-like boxes than traditional brown boxes.



"Consumers are eager to share photos or videos of an online order they have received, especially if it comes in branded or gift-like packaging," said Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution. "Boring brown boxes represent lost opportunity. Retailers can leverage consumers as influencers to grow their brand and fuel future purchases by giving online shoppers more reasons to share their experiences."


Other notable survey findings include:


  • Thirty-six percent of consumers have watched an "unboxing" video, in which shoppers record and share the act of unpacking a product, and 55 percent of that group have purchased a product as a result.
  • Among consumers who have shared pictures or videos of a product in branded packaging on social media, 84 percent have done so on Facebook, followed by Twitter (32 percent), Instagram (31 percent), YouTube (28 percent) and Pinterest (20 percent).