Ranking Facebook Pages by Country

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 11 Jan, 2013

Brands can now see how their Facebook Page ranks with local fans thanks to the new Local Page Ranks tool from Socialbakers.

The social media analytics provider released the tool to help companies discover where the majority of their fans (and their competition's fans) are geographically located. To view the local ranks of Facebook Pages, users simply need to visit the company's Facebook Page Statistics page and use the "country" dropdown that is now available. Furthermore, with this analytical tool, brands can click on a competitor's name to view more specific geographical data about that Page's fans.

"After much anticipation, we now have access to local page rankings on Facebook. We are pleased to be the market leader in offering deep Facebook analytics and know this information will serve as competitive benchmarks for marketers who want to conquer the world's biggest social media platform," said Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab. "It provides companies with insights into how they are doing in various countries, so they can see the effectiveness of their campaigns or spot markets where they need to increase their efforts."

Walmart and Target, for example, are the number one and two brands with the highest number of U.S. Facebook fans. Additionally, Starbucks, Amazon and Coca Cola all saw gains in their rankings of total U.S. Facebook fans, which made them fourth, fifth, and eighth on the list. However, Walt Disney World and Reese's both dropped out of the top ten.

"Brands that previously found themselves on top of the rankings in terms of fans in the U.S. have dropped," said Rezab. "For the first time, companies have a tool that not only shows their own place in the Facebook popularity ladder, but also that of their direct competitors and other global brands."