Retail Cyber Attacks Increasing

Both the number and severity of cyber attacks on retailers is accelerating according to TrustWave's 2013 Global Security Report.

The report indicates that those in the retail sector are now the top target for cyber criminals, making up 45 percent of TrustWave's data breach investigations - a 15 percent increase over 2011.

Some of the other noteworthy highlights from the report include:

  • Applications are the most popular attack vector, with ecommerce sites the number one target
  • 64 percent of organizations attacked took more than 90 days to detect an intrusion with the average time for detection being 210 days -- 35 days longer than in 2011
  • The two most noteworthy methods of intrusion, SQL injection and remote access, made up 73 percent of the infiltration methods used by criminals in 2012.

"Cyber-criminals will never stop trying to compromise systems to obtain valuable information such as customer and private user data, corporate trade secrets and payment card information," said Robert J. McCullen, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Trustwave.

"This year's Global Security Report pulls back the curtain revealing how breaches happen and how potential victims around the world can protect themselves so that they stay one step ahead and eliminate potential security threats. After reading this report, businesses and government agencies will be one step closer to building a comprehensive security strategy to reduce risk, protect data and safeguard their reputation." 

Trustwave's 2013 report examined 450 data breaches, 2,500 penetration tests, 9 million Web application attacks, 2 million network and vulnerability scans, 5 million malicious websites and 20 billion emails.