Retailers With Military Discounts Are Rewarded With Brand Loyalty, Referrals

For those brands who do not normally offer "special" discounts to target groups like teachers, students, military families, seniors and others, certain holidays present the perfect time to do so, such as the Fourth of July for veterans and active-duty service members.


Ensuring those who are eligible for these special discounts are the actual ones redeeming them, however, can be tough. This is where SheerID comes in. Used by enterprises like Spotify and Foot Locker, SheerID allows businesses (in-store, online, in-app, etc.) to instantly verify whether or not a customer qualifies for the special offer.


For those not offering discounts for special consumer groups, they may be interested to learn that a new SheerID study indicates that 71 percent of the military community is more loyal to companies that offer military-specific discounts, and 63 percent will recommend brands that honor military discounts to their friends and family members, even if their loved ones can't take advantage of the military offer. 


The survey revealed that military consumers are most likely to take advantage of military discounts when they're eating out, traveling, or shopping for clothes. Restaurants topped the list of places they are most likely to redeem military discounts at 94 percent. 


"We hope that this information will be helpful to retailers and other businesses when they make decisions about offering exclusive pricing, VIP treatment, or special experiences to military families as a token of appreciation for their service," explains Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID.