Say Goodbye to Mobile Abandonment

One of the main reasons Internet retailers don't see more purchases coming from mobile devices is that it's simply (and still) not that easy to go through the process of entering payment details on smartphones. 

Visa Checkout has made some headway in this regard certainly, but there are other technologies emerging that could definitely be game changers in the mobile payment space, which could dramatically help to reduce cart abandonment and checkout friction., for example, a mobile online payment app Website Magazine covered back in late 2013, just announced that it has integrated with Apple Touch ID and Samsung fingerprint recognition.

What that means is that instead of filling out those long and often cumbersome checkout forms when purchasing items, users can now do so with their fingerprint (sort of like Apple Pay but that solution is limited to online only). 

It will take adoption from consumers and 'Net professionals (including online retailers and Web publishers) for solutions like to go mainstream, but it seems the payment industry is definitely going in the right direction.