Sell More & Reduce Churn with Olark Live Chat for PrestaShop

Live chat solutions are essential for today's ecommerce enterprises.

As more and more ecommerce software/technology vendors realize its importance to merchant enterprises, integrations emerge which online retailers should be made aware. Open source ecommerce solution PrestaShop, for example, announced that it is partnering with live chat provider Olark.

PrestaShop merchants opting to use the Olark module will, in addition to chatting with their customers, be able to customize the appearance of the chat box, engage in co-browsing with their website visitors, and even see where customers are currently active on the website.

Once a customer initiates a chat with a merchant, Olark begins archiving the conversation transcript for future reference by the merchant. When a chat is complete, Olark will then prompt the visitor for feedback on their experience. This feedback populates Olark's Chat Ratings, which show merchants how each sales associate is performing. Chat Ratings also show merchants when chats are busiest on their site segmented by day of the week, and hour of the day, so they can staff accordingly. Additionally, Olark provides merchants with customer information such as location (based on IP address), pages viewed and whether or not they are a returning customer.

"We're always looking for the latest technology that can help our merchants sell more," said Christopher Machin, partner manager at PrestaShop. "Once a customer lands on a product page, it's an online merchant's opportunity to convert that visit into a sale. With a tool like Olark's live chat, merchants can decrease churn by addressing any questions potential customers may have. Beyond that, Olark makes learning about a merchant's customer extremely simple with their intuitive dashboard."