SmartGift Helps Retailers Manage Gifting Data

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 03 Nov, 2014

Online gifting solutions provider SmartGift is helping retailers dive into data, thanks to the company's new platform called SmartGift Manager.

SmartGift Manager, which is currently in beta, is a data-driven platform that works together with SmartGift's e-gift checkout. For reference, the company's e-gift checkout is a solution that offers flexibility to gift shoppers and recipients. The solution displays the 'Give as Gift' call-to-action on each product page, enabling shoppers to buy and send any product as a gift via electronic notification. Then, recipients can choose product details like size, color or style and add their preferred shipping address, or exchange the gift for another item or the retailer's e-gift card.

With SmartGift Manager, retailers have access to insights that can help them to sell more products and services. This is because SmartGift Manager captures and displays retailers' online gift data including gift recipient preferences and their additional spend, abandoned gift orders with real-time retargeting information, shoppers and recipients driving site traffic, and most popular gifts and optimal price points by occasion and consumer demographics. The data is generated by SmartGift's e-gift checkout and is organized in a dashboard that provides real-time alerts that can help retailers make better merchandising and marketing decisions.

"We're thrilled to bring SmartGift Manager to our retail partners and with it much needed innovation in the gifting ecosystem," said Monika Kochhar, CEO and co-founder of SmartGift. "SmartGift Manager differentiates itself from pure e-gifting solutions through integrated viral social marketing, gift finding and retargeting features that utilize smart data and monetize the science behind the gifting transaction. This release marks a major milestone for retailers and our beta users are already seeing the immediate benefits. We look forward to rolling this out widely in the weeks and months to come."

It is also important to note that SmartGift has unveiled a few updates to its gift checkout platform, including the ability for the platform to integrate with retailers' existing e-gift cards. Moreover, retailers can now leverage the power of peer-to-peer marketing by enabling gift senders and recipients to share their gift and brand experiences via social networks. Shoppers can also send item-level gifts and e-gift cards with personalized messages through SMS and smartphone messengers in addition to email.

"The integrated data-driven SmartGift Manager will enable strategic planners and decision makers to target new customers, retarget shoppers who abandoned their gift orders, and increase sales by optimizing their gift merchandising around holidays and special occasions," saidBernd Strenitz, SmartGift COO and co-founder. "SmartGift Manager is currently available to a select few retail partners in private beta and we will roll it out to all partners in early 2015."