The Best Platforms for Obtaining Customer Feedback

Customers are the lifeblood of every company, which means that business owners need to take customer feedback very seriously - regardless of industry.

Fortunately, there are many digital ways to collect customer feedback. Not only can brands monitor social sentiment around their brand with social listening tools like Brandwatch and Trackur, but they can also leverage technology solutions that are designed specifically for collecting customer feedback on websites and apps.

Learn more about five of these platforms below:


Businesses can leverage iPerceptions to capture visitor insights at "the moment of truth." According to the company, the moment of truth is the critical time in the browsing or shopping experience. IPerceptions' Engagement solution, for example, enables businesses to invite a sample of visitors to provide feedback, as well as allows brands to set up specific triggers to launch surveys, such as URL, time of day or location. The surveys can be launched on both desktops and mobile devices.


Kampyle enables businesses to request feedback directly on their websites (both on desktops and mobile devices) or from point-of-sale systems. Businesses also have control over their feedback buttons and can target consumers based on things like when they are about to leave the site or abandon a transaction mid-stream. Plus, feedback data is easy to analyze, as it is presented in-word cloud, clickable top terms, color-coded sentiment indicators and can be filtered.


OpinionLab offers a variety of customer feedback solutions, including solutions for websites, mobile devices, in-store and product feedback. With the company's website feedback solution, for instance, businesses can invite customers to provide feedback and pinpoint any website issues in real-time. Conversely, the OpinionLab's mobile feedback solution can be used for both mobile websites and apps. OpinionLab also offers industry benchmarking to help businesses analyze their data against competitors.


Usabilla helps businesses collect website and email feedback. The company's website feedback solution, for example, enables users to include a feedback call-to-action (CTA) on their sites, which allows consumers to decide if they want to provide feedback without having the request interrupt their experience (businesses can also target consumers with feedback requests). It is also important to note that instead of having consumers just give written feedback, Usabilla enables them to select the part of the site that they'd like to provide feedback for as well as enables them to provide sentiment about their experience via emotion icons. Businesses also receive visual feedback from Usabilla and a Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Uservoice enables businesses to collect feedback from their websites and applications (both Web and mobile). Uservoice also provides business with data based on customer feedback, including data on user-generated ideas via the company's "SmartVote" technology. The platform can also be leveraged to collect feedback during beta testing.

These are just a few of the 'Net's many available platforms for obtaining customer feedback. Let us know what platform or strategies your enterprise leverages in the comment section below.