The Key Shifts in Shopper Behavior

As if the flow of new technologies were not enough to stymie online retailers and Web professionals of all sorts, the behavior of prospective buyers is also changing - and rapidly. 

A new report from Narvar, " Bots, Texts and Voice: What Cuts Through the Clutter," reveals that consumers are exhibiting more complex and varied preferences in their communication with retailers. 

The Narvar study revealed that more than 80 percent of those who have purchased online in the previous six months prefer to get messages from retailers via email, and 38 percent now want to hear from retailers on multiple channels. The survey also indicated that 79 percent of shoppers have also used text messages, messenger apps or voice devices to connect with retailers.

The question for retailers, of course, is how quickly they can make the necessary shifts in order to better manage the purchase experience in a way that consumers expect and, apparently, demand. 

"Bots, voice assistants, smart homes and other AI-informed communications are top of mind for nearly every retailer today. The technology innovation complicates what we already know - that customer communications are never one-size-fit-all," says Amit Sharma, CEO of Narvar. "With this research, our mission is to equip retailers with the insights they need to navigate nuanced communications and ultimately create the best experiences possible.