Transforming Customer Loyalty with Advocacy

Find one customer that believes in your brand and you'll not only find other customers but also discover opportunities to continue scaling and growing your business.

The savviest enterprises know this and do everything they can to foster an experience that turns a brand's most passionate customers into true product and service evangelists.

Higher Logic, for example, just released its new Customer Advocacy Manager, an engagement platform designed to help companies find, track and reward their most passionate and vocal customers and ultimately transform them into brand evangelists. The solution is designed to encourage participation at every level, streamlining engagement and feedback and tracking those essential activities using a point system. Let's take a closer look.

The solution eliminates manual solicitation, selection and tracking (saving staff time and yielding better results), personalizes advocacy efforts (giving customers easy access to profiles and provides notification of opportunities fitting their interests), and encourages participating and feedback with gamification and rewards customers using traditional practices such as thank-you letters and even physical gifts. What's more, brands can measure their advocacy initiatives, tracking individual programs and opportunities using an experience-based point system.

"An online community is ideal for a customer advocacy platform because of the ability to engage customers at every level of their journey," said Higher Logic CEO Rob Wenger. "Our Customer Advocacy Manager helps any company easily identify and promote their most loyal customers, and then turn them into brand advocates. It's these brand advocates that will often turn out to be the most powerful evangelists for your company."