Use Data Feeds to Reach More Customers

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 07 Jan, 2013

A new partnership is helping merchants reach more shoppers both on the traditional Web and on mobile devices.


This is because SingleFeed and mShopper are offering a combined service that helps merchants deliver products to leading comparison shopping websites and to the mobile Web - all with a single data feed. The partnership not only helps merchants increase their products' digital visibility, but also allows merchants to maintain a presence and acquire customers in the emerging channel of mobile.


"Many SMBs realize they are missing a huge opportunity but do nothing because they think they can't afford a mobile solution," said SingleFeed CEO, Mike Effle. "Now they can be mobile ready in just a couple of days using the same data feed they send to SingleFeed for optimization across our other marketing channels. From SingleFeed's data, mShopper automatically generates a conversion-focused, mobile-friendly mStore. We've taken a huge 'to-do' for e-retailers in 2013-the need to optimize their site for phones and drive more mobile sales-and simplified it considerably."


Through the partnership, SingleFeed optimizes a merchant's data feed and distributes it daily to more than 35 comparison shopping websites, including Google Shopping and PriceGrabber. Additionally, the feed creates a mobile-optimized store that can be integrated with any ecommerce site, as well as powers a SMS program that merchants can leverage to promote products to mobile shoppers.


"SingleFeed is perfect for us since mShopper is the only m-commerce solution powered by data feeds, and SingleFeed is a certified Google Shopping partner," said mShopper CEO David Gould. "Our mStores are only as good as the data that powers them, and SingleFeed is expert at getting the best product information to the most interested shoppers across the Web. Like SingleFeed, we strive to increase revenue for our clients. Now, not only can we improve their mobile conversion rate immediately when they launch an mStore, we can also help them expand their reach with the most sophisticated online shoppers. All in one easy step."


Currently, merchants who are interested in leveraging this combined service will only need to pay for one platform if they sign up before the end of January 2013.