Sync Email Data to Digital Service Providers with Ease

There is an increasingly clear and present need for companies and marketers alike to have their most current user email data validated and synced to their email service provider in real-time.

While the benefits of doing so would be significant (higher deliverability rates are just one example) how can senders go about doing that and where should they begin? recently announced that it is partnering its email list cleaner service, DataValidation, with PieSync, a popular two-way real-time synchronization platform. Through the partnership, DataValidation gives its users the benefit of streamlining their data across multiple online apps, and offers access to native integration that takes advantage of the opportunities both platforms have to offer.

"Having our service made available to PieSync's growing user base and being able to use their technology is valuable because it powers DataValidation's ability to help businesses get the best results out of their email marketing efforts. It expands our own application and makes it compatible with an impressive array of consumer and business oriented products," says Alexander Rus,'s Head of Sales.