Local Brand Page vs. Corporate Websites

Rosemary Lira
by Rosemary Lira 16 Jan, 2023

Consumer engagement doesn't always happen on a corporate/company website - even though that is often ideal. Increasingly, these "engagements" are happening on local brand pages.

MomentFeed, a provider of customer experience management (CEM) solution for multi-location brands, recently released a research report that provides some interesting insights into this trend and it could have significant implications for how these enterprises engage with their increasingly mobile and social customers.

Research from the CEM provider found that 84.8 percent of all consumer impressions happen on digital assets that "represent" individual stores, branches, showrooms, restaurants etc., while only 15.2 percent are on brand or corporate assets (including the brand's own website and social media pages).

"For a long time now, we have been seeing this steady rise in how much more consumers choose to engage with local pages over corporate pages for information, and believe that the trend is finally gaining mainstream adoption," said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed.

"Many of our multi-location clients were early adopters of this local engagement strategy, and with the help of our partner platforms like Facebook, Snap, Apple, Google, Yelp and others, MomentFeed has been an innovator in leveraging local digital footprints to drive both online and offline sales for our customers. Brands that continue to invest in their local digital presence will be best positioned to win customers, and not get swept under in the rapidly shifting mobile riptide that many retailers are experiencing now."