SSD An Option for More Local Storage

Since server customers present a variety of needs, 1&1 has added to its dedicated server portfolio.

1&1 customers can now enhance their 1&1 Dedicated and Managed Server with a Solid State Disk (SSD). This provides businesses choosing this feature with more local storage space when used in combination with the integrated Hard Disk Drive (HDD). 

By using SSD storage, customers have access to interactive elements, transactions, and Web applications like video streaming, virtual client support, video conferencing or extensive data analysis. Plus, data errors are minimized and data integrity is secured via an electronic memory process.

Here are the new options within 1&1's dedicated server portfolio:

- Choosing an SSD to increase your storage speed is free for the first minimum contract term.

- The A8i server is now available with HDD or SSD - no additional cost for the SSD within the first minimum contract term.