50 Top Digital Solutions Built to Impress

When your digital enterprise was engaged in website planning for 2013, did you make the right choices?

Did you focus on improving the user experience throughout the year by implementing a more innovative or intuitive design, or by integrating a more robust and reliable technology platform? Perhaps you invested in a better analytics solution, developed a mobile app, launched a performance marketing program for affiliates or expanded your 'Net advertising campaigns to include social or display.

2013 has certainly been a wild ride for Internet professionals. Mobile has come on strong, social media is evolving, and 'Net advertising is getting as expensive as it is efficient and effective. SEO as it was once known is all but dead (goodbye keywords) and websites of all kinds are publishing a wide variety of content on their own in the hopes of attracting new users and retaining their most loyal customers. It's a challenging time to be a Web worker, but it's also one of the most exciting in digital history.

When it comes to developing, promoting and analyzing a website, there is no shortage of digital solutions that have captured the attention of Internet professionals. In this special Winter issue of Website Magazine, we've taken a look back and featured 50 companies who have consistently led in their respective verticals - including email, advertising, analytics, software, social media and the user experience in general. These are only 50 of the top vendors - but, without question, they are some of the best. There are, of course, many more worth leveraging. If you're serious about the success of your digital enterprise, stay up to date with Website Magazine's 'Net Features - wsm.co/dailynetnews - our weblog, covering all the news and announcements you need to know to ensure your Web success.

Editor's Choice: There are software solutions and digital services that managed to impress even some of the harshest critics - namely Website Magazine editors. Find out what companies impressed our writer and editors this year on the Web at wsm.co/wepick10.