6 Cover Photos That Are Better Than Yours

A brand's Facebook cover photo is like a free billboard.


If a company can get current and prospective customers to "drive by," its cover photo can tell passersby a lot about its products, services and culture. Getting a cover photo right, however, is tough. There's a lot that marketers want to say in a small space. Trying to jam everything about a company in an 851 pixels x 315 pixels area, however, is the wrong approach. 


Instead, a successful cover photo is one that is creative, current and complements a Page's profile picture. Here are six cover photos that are (likely) better than yours. 


1. Act-On


Why It Works: Act-On continually shows a commitment to educating its customers - from its whitepapers to its webinars. Its cover photos echoes that focus by promoting its Center of Excellence. Additionally, the green in the cover photo matches the green in its logo that is used as Act-On's profile picture. Finally, the cover photo is on-trend, as the "chalkboard" look is "in." 


2. The Simpsons


Why It Works: Nobody expects this long-running cartoon to be serious and its Facebook cover photo reflects the show's personality. Even better, the designer has completely aligned the cover photo and profile picture to make it one cohesive unit. Perhaps the only downfall, however, is that when marketers comment on posts from the Page's admin, the profile picture seems incomplete, especially since parts of Homer's arms are being cut off. 


3. Perfect Foods Bar


Why It Works: As a family owned and operated business, Perfect Foods Bar's cover photo represents those family values (according to its website there are even more siblings than those pictured). Additionally, like The Simpsons cover photo, it perfectly pairs with its profile picture. Another positive element of Perfect Foods Bar's cover photo is that, as a growing brand, it showcases its product line without overwhelming the viewer. 


4. Chiptole


Why It Works: It's difficult to argue with a good food shot, but Chipotle's cover photo also works because it perfectly highlights its top-selling menu item and in only three words (Farm to Face) states its stance on using responsibly raised meats and produce. What's more, the color choice used for "Farm to Face" matches the colors in Chipotle's logo, which is used as its profile picture. 


5. Best Western


Why It Works: Receiving 1 million Facebook likes is kind of a big deal. Best Western celebrates this milestone with an updated cover photo thanking fans and announcing upcoming promotions (a reason for even more fans to like them). 


6. Michael Kors


Why It Works: With less going on than many of the other cover photos included here, the Michael Kors cover photo works for a fashion brand. The cover photo looks like an editorial in a magazine and complements the profile picture andn includes a clear shot of the Michael Kors purse on the woman's shoulder. 


What's your favorite Facebook cover photo? Let us know in the comments below!