After Jeopardy: Where is IBM Watson Today?

Unlike Waldo, Watson is easy to spot among other artificial intelligence (AI) that may try to resemble its technology.

Since the "supercomputer" appeared on the television show Jeopardy ( watch a 2011 video here and another one here), IBM continues to be a recognizable "face" of artificial intelligence. According to IBM case studies:
  • Watson's Conversation API enabled US Open fans in 2017 to ask logistical questions in natural language, discover who is playing on what court, who won and more. Read more.
  • Bolton College in the United Kingdom used Watson Conversation service to build "Ada," a virtual assistant that enhances teaching, learning and assessment. The chatbot can already respond to over 2,000 questions across multiple domains. Read more.
  • Oovvuu, an Australian startup, has combined Watson's AI with its own platform connecting viewers to the most relevant video and news content, generating valuable new advertising revenues for media and news organizations. By using Watson, Oovvuu can now match up to 1,000 videos to relevant news articles in less than a second - a 2400 percent increase over manual methods. Read more.
  • Watson's Tone Analyzer API is expanding its emotional understanding to help businesses better solve customer engagement challenges. The new feature detects frustration, satisfaction, excitement, politeness, impoliteness, sadness and sympathy. Read more.
  • Watson is helping H&R Block employees drill down on important questions to learn more about what happened this past tax year and how it may impact each client's tax situation. Read more.
These case studies are from 2017 alone. As more companies enter the field of AI, we can expect Watson and others to accelerate their pace of innovation.