Automated SSL Certificate Verification Service

Authentication and encryption service provider DigiCert has unveiled an automated SSL certificate verification service to ensure Web services are properly secured. 


The service automatically checks every SSL certificate issued to ensure all are functioning properly after installation. The automated certificate checker verifies that both the certificate and any necessary intermediate certificates have been correctly installed on your server. If any problems are identified, DigiCert will contact the customer directly with an explanation of the error and the instructions on how to resolve it.


SSL certificates encrypt the transfer of sensitive information online. From online shopping to secure email messages or even private health records, SSL certificates have a wide variety of applications in every industry.


"Our new automated certificate checker has been a very successful service for our customers and our support team," says Flavio Martins, Vice President of Support and Validation. "This service can identify various installation problems, including intermediate certificate issues and name mismatch errors. If a problem is identified, we send an email to the customer explaining the error and also include the steps to fix it. Additionally, our support team is readily available and willing to assist customers with completing proper installation and resolving any errors."