Big Expectations for Small Businesses

It's a well-cited statistic that roughly half of small businesses are operating without a website today.

The truth is, however, the "small business" category isn't the best representation of all smaller companies out there today, because some entrepreneurs are working with five employees or less, which makes them a "very small business" (VSB). GoDaddy recently conducted a global survey of 4,000 of these very small businesses and found that 59 percent currently lack a website, which is impacting their ability to grow and market to new customers. 

Of this group that is lacking a website, 55 percent are planning to come online within the next two years. Fortunately for them, getting online has never been easier. Thanks in large part, of course, to do-it-yourself website builders like those offered from GoDaddy, 1&1, Squarespace and many others. 

For further insights into GoDaddy's survey, check out the infographic below. If you want a closer look, simply click on the image to zoom in.