Call for Edison Awards Nominations

What do enterprises like Optify, Integrate and Square have in common? Besides providing innovative solutions for digital pros, they were all recognized for their efforts as 2013 Edison Awards recipients, among other B2B and B2C companies/products.

Next year, your company could be in that list. For the unfamiliar, the Edison Awards recognize and honor innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of new products and services. For the 2014 awards, stakeholders introduced new evaluation criteria to ensure that all companies, regardless of industry, domain or innovation type can clearly communicate, affirm and support their nomination.

Beginning now, its Twitter campaign #RFInnovation offers live chat sessions, so companies interested in contributing can share more information about their products/services with Edison Awards (sign up for alerts). The 2014 award process starts in just two weeks, but this is one way that brands are encouraged to participate in the Edison Award community all year. 

"There is already a lot of excitement building as we prepare to open our Call for Nominations on Sept. 1," said Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director. "In fact, it appears that we are headed for another record-breaking year in terms of the sheer number of innovative new products and services that we expect will be nominated for the 2014 awards. We're taking that into account and will be planning for some dynamic new features in our program next spring that will shine an even stronger spotlight on our Edison Award winners and their innovations."

Here's an infographic that explains the Edison Awards' mission further: