Can Publishers Deliver Better Results?

Publishers are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality inventory that is aligned with advertiser expectations. That's not an entirely unreasonable expectation, but publishers are also now expected to not charge for impressions that aren't viewable and it could severely diminish their revenue performance. 

Measurement and analytics vendor Integral Ad Science (IAS), however, has recently announced an optimization solution for publishers that has been designed to help them maximize inventory yield, reduce impression waste and streamline workflow.

What IAS is essentially providing publishers is access to new data sets that can be used to address "top of mind" issues such as viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud and deliver better results for their customers in the process. With calls for transparency in the advertising ecosystem increasing, solutions such as those now provided by Integral Ad Science will likely be adopted by publishers with greater regularity. 

"Brands and agencies continue to call upon publishers to respond to challenges in the industry around viewability, brand safety, and fraud," said Dave Marquard, VP of product management at IAS. "With our publisher optimization solution, publishers are empowered with the data and tools that were typically made available to advertisers only. This visibility allows publishers to analyze data that eliminates waste for the entire industry."