Capture Emotional data with BehaviorMatrix

BehaviorMatrix, an applied behavior analytics company, has been granted a foundational patent (8,639,702) by the USPTO that "establishes a system for classifying, measuring and creating models of the elements that make up human emotions, perceptions and actions leveraged from the Internet and social media."

The patent essentially covers a method for detecting and measuring emotional signals within digital content, which could prove very useful in the online advertising and social CRM verticals.

"By the time the Super Bowl rolls around in 2015, advertising may look very different because social media is the key to the digital revolution, and what drives social media is emotion," said Bill Thompson, BehaviorMatrix CEO. "This patent, along with our extensive patent portfolio in process, enabled us to build the SmartView platform. The platform has the power to innovate advertising platforms and Social CRM by delivering advertisers and marketers a new way to measure and analyze emotion in digital environments. This technology gives advertising and CRM the science to measure and quantify emotional reactions and behavioral responses, which will lead to targeted, and more importantly, meaningful digital advertising and marketing."