Century-Old Brand Greets Stock Image Market

Hallmark has been helping people say what they want to say for the last 100 years, and now the iconic company is lending a hand to those looking for royalty-free artwork.

The century-old greeting card company has launched Gillham Studios, a new, online image boutique for artists and designers featuring works from Hallmark's vast art collection.

How is it different from other online stock image options available? Christopher Shaw, general manager of Gillham Studios, says the difference is that Gillham Studios is "hand-curated by world-class designers so users don't waste time looking through clip art like some sites." Additionally, Gillham Studios' basic license can be used to produce physical products for small businesses. For example, an Etsy artist could use its imagery to create a handmade good. Most stock sites don't allow those usages at their entry-level license, according to Shaw.

As one with any familiarity of Hallmark might imagine, Gillham Studios caters to those looking for design assets of a more creative/editorial variety.The following results were returned from a search for "business," for example: