Chat Up Mobile Site Visitors

A new  chat offering from TouchCommerce is helping merchants increase engagement and conversions on their mobile sites.


The mobile chat solution features capabilities that are customized for mobile users, as well as features that help m-commerce sites increase conversions. According to TouchCommerce, Total Gym Fitness is among the first users of the technology and has already seen increases in conversions via mobile chat. Learn more about the mobile chat solution and its features below:

  • Transparent background support - this allows consumers to see the site behind the chat window, which can impact customer engagement due to the smaller screen on mobile devices.
  • Minimizable chat window with user tracking - with this feature, consumers can navigate around the site without losing the chat.
  • Minimized chat mode with a scrolling marquee - the marquee displays the most recent agent message as well as an incremental message indicator that displays the number of unread agent messages.

"By leveraging our patented technology and award-winning analytics, we are delivering the best dedicated user experience for mobile users landing on ecommerce sites," said Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of TouchCommerce. "Working closely with our customers, such as Total Gym, we are able to offer unique capabilities for their mobile visitors and convert their web traffic into sales."