CrowdTwist's New CEO Talks Loyalty Marketing

With Series B funding in 2014 and big-name customers like TOMS, UFC, Pepsi and L'Or‚Äö√†√∂¬¨¬©al, CrowdTwist continues its momentum in 2015 with the appointment of new CEO Scott Matthews. 

Prior to his appointment at CrowdTwist, Matthews served as CEO of WebCollage for four years until the company's successful exit to in 2013, when Matthews then became General Manager of Answers Syndication.

Website Magazine caught up with Matthews to talk loyalty, future plans and more. 

Why are more and more brands turning to loyalty marketing?

As the number of marketing channels grows and consumer touchpoints become more fragmented, it's become increasingly important for brand leaders to form deeper connections to their customers. Today's multichannel loyalty programs help brands build strong relationships with consumers across all these channels. After all, multichannel loyalty marketing not only helps companies understand their customers better through behavioral, transactional, and social data, but it also drives greater brand affinity, advocacy, and increased revenue.

How does this drive for customer engagement benefit the end-user? 

Many leading companies are implementing engagement strategies that incentivize and reward consumers for participating with their brand by taking actions like retweeting a post, checking in on Foursquare/Swarm, or sharing a new product on Facebook. These consumers receive benefits and rewards that make them feel valued. Engagement activities also prompt consumers to share more about themselves with brands to develop two-way conversations. As a result, consumers receive more relevant and meaningful offers from their favorite companies.

How is CrowdTwist set up to meet the loyalty marketing demands of some of the largest brands in the world? 

CrowdTwist is a pioneer in developing multichannel engagement and loyalty platforms. We built our solution to resolve the biggest marketing challenges leading brands face today. The explosion of media channels makes it harder than ever to reach, win, and retain customers. CrowdTwist's platform incentivizes customers for all the actions they take with a brand across all channels - social, digital, mobile, and in-store. As a result, brands drive engagement, increase spend and retention, and collect and leverage consumer data to offer a more personalized, relevant experience. We've driven business results for top brands including Pepsi, Nestlé Purina, and L'oreal.

Under your leadership, what should marketers expect from CrowdTwist in the near future?

2015 is all about accelerating the innovation of CrowdTwist's platform. This year, we are poised to introduce new offerings and features that will help brand marketers take their campaigns and programs to the next level of performance. We'll also invest in building out the CrowdTwist team to support our fast-growing list of clients. Currently, CrowdTwist manages more than 500 million loyalty-generated social activities for the brands we represent. We are focused on building functionality that interprets the brand's social loyalty activities that will drive better personalization with CRM and we will increase effectiveness of display advertising with CrowdTwist's aggregated first-party social data.