Data Breach Fatigue Very Real, And Very Problematic

The number and severity of cyberattacks seem to be getting worse.


A new survey by Harris Interactive for password manager and digital wallet Password Boss, indicated that 81 percent of consumers agreed that the issue has made them less confident in brands' abilities to keep their digital identify safe. What's worse is that only 13 percent of consumers changed their passwords after hearing news of online data breaches. The reason, according to the study: data breach fatigue.


"Despite being concerned about the ability of companies to keep their digital identities safe, most consumers have not changed their account passwords in response to news about online data breaches," said Steve Wise, CEO of Password Boss.


Consumers, according to Wise, are either misinformed about the security of their passwords, incorrectly assuming that they are safe because they picked strong passwords; are generally passive about their accounts by only changing passwords when prompted; or feel it is too much hassle or takes too much time to change them.


Should you force consumers to periodically change their passwords? Or perhaps suggest they use password managers? Share your thoughts with a comment below now!