Demonstrate Products On The Go

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 02 Jul, 2012

If you are a marketer who needs a better way to give product demonstrations at trade shows or sales meetings, you might want to check out Kaon Interactive.

Kaon Interactive is a 3D interactive product marketing provider, and the company has recently launched new enhancements to its 3D Product Models and 3D Mobile Product App platform. Kaon creates interactive 3D product models that allow companies to virtually demonstrate their products, using interactive 3D product catalogs, on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. The enhancements offer a new level of product detail and mobility for demonstrating and communicating complex products - even on the go. 

The 3D Product App mobile platform makes it easier for marketers to connect with customers and can eliminate the costs associated with shipping products to sales meetings or trade shows. Touch screens on mobile devices allow customers to rotate, spin and interact with products, as well as explore options and features. Additionally, the photo-realistic 3D product models effectively display product details. 

The new enhancements to the Kaon 3D Product App mobile platform include video integration, collateral libraries and thumbnails. The video integration enables marketers to add another layer of communication that can help better tell product stories, while the collateral libraries and thumbnails enable viewers to more quickly and easily obtain additional product marketing information based on appearance rather than titles.

However, Kaon Interactive doesn't only offer solutions for demonstrating products on the go, Web workers can also leverage the platform to offer product demonstration videos on their websites - check out an example here.