Digital Dashboards, Configurable & Consolidated

There are a whole host of dashboards and platforms available to help today's digital marketers gain a better understanding of their performance by providing a comprehensive and consolidated view into all of their different search and social initiatives.

TapClicks, for example, provides such a solution and its recent upgrade takes the product to a whole new level of sophistication. Babak Hedayati, CEO of TapClicks, believes that the user configurable nature of the TapClicks 3.2 release will be effective in satisfying their agency and enterprise-customer needs, and bring his company closer to its target of creating a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools that merge digital and social marketing in one platform.

The TapClicks Cloud Marketing Analytics Platform, much like similar dashboards, connects and caches performance metrics from Google Analytics, Google and Bing SEM campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, SEO tools and email-newsletter platforms, along with others. Agencies and marketers using the TapClicks platform can report performance of their clients' outbound marketing efforts at the website, campaign, creative, and keyword levels, providing the ability to compile client reports, schedule formatted reports to be sent to clients by email on a regular basis, give their clients access to their own sets of dashboards, and much more.

New features of the platform include user configurability in HTML data tables, printed reports in HTML and PDF, the addition of the UTF-8 character set to support international customers (including Hebrew), new connectors for digital marketing services including YouTube, and enhancements to the Google Adwords score which will reflect metrics including Average Position.