Digital Stuff You'll Freakin' Love

Welcome to the Website Magazine Weekly Roundup!

As most of the U.S. is preparing for a long holiday weekend to celebrate the official end of summer, Website Magazine editors have been hard at work, scouring their content feeds, exploring interesting new products and services, and tapping away at their keyboards until their digital hearts were content.

Below are 14 new solutions we've discovered that we're confident will impress even the most experienced Internet professional. Do you have a suggested product or service for the Website Magazine weekly roundup? If so, share a comment below and spread the word!

Traitify: Uncover the personality types and traits of your users, and gain a deeper understanding of relationships, emotions, interests and more.  

Cinematico: An open-source platform for video publishers to self-host their YouTube and Vimeo accounts, channels and playlists. A platform to develop interactive infographics and data visualizations without the support of designers, programmers or data analysts. Check out a video of how the system works. 

NutCacheA free application for online invoicing and expense management. NutCache is multilingual (12 languages supported) and includes time tracking, reporting and is multi-user and mobile-friendly. Mobile audience analytics, retargeting and advertising solution that provides companies including Google, Samsung, Domino's and others the ability to build relationships with mobile customers.

TermsFeed: A Web-based privacy policy and terms of condition generator. Enter some general information, specify disclosures and download. 

Indifference: A desktop app that provides context on code reviews and pull requests, making the process easier thanks to side-by-side comparisons.

Normal: A battery diagnosis app from Kuro Labs that suggests actions that can be taken to extend battery life. A IFTTT-style platform that fixes server alerts automatically. If an alert occurs, developers can run a resolution script or a diagnostic script to manage the issue. 

Extensionizr: A way to jump-start Chrome extension development. Select the type of extension you want, choose the permissions and download.

GifYouTube: Turn a portion of any YouTube video into an animated GIF.

Lessonly: Build, share, and track employee training materials. Unlimited 15-day free trial (no CC), plans start at $150/mo. An A/B testing tool for application (smartphone and tablet) meta-data including icons, screenshots, name, price and description. 

Wordpress Theme Search: A standalone WordPress theme search engine. The tool allows anyone to detect what WordPress Theme and plugins are being used on a particular site.