DotNetNuke Changes Name, Conversations

What's in a name? For DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) it's the difference between speaking to the .NET developer, which they have primarily done in the past, or talking to company leaders about the business problems they have and how DNN is able to solve them, which they are doing today.


DNN, primarily known as a CMS company and one that is mainly leveraged by those using .Net framework, has undergone a complete rebranding in both its business name and its portfolio to become an end-to-end content and social community provider. Today, DNN has made available new tools and more capabilities that will be available for non-.NET users.


Its DNN Evoq is a suite of integrated applications that enables enterprises to create immersive online experiences and powerful interactive communities. DNN Evoq makes it easy for users, including those with minimal IT experience, to integrate social functionality with their existing websites.


DNN Evoq includes two applications: Evoq Content and Evoq Social. These two applications are integrated on top of the DNN Platform, which allows enterprises the ability to create a social community and website that is one in the same. By bringing these two together, companies will have a common user base with one single view of a customer.


Evoq Content is a business solution that helps bring a corporate website to life. Evoq Content empowers users, including those with minimal technical experience, to add and edit content through a standard browser with no IT support. The solution is equipped with security, ecommerce, extensibility and support features - across Web- and mobile-based sites, seamlessly.


Evoq Content's security features include a known-password list that administrators can, basically, switch on so that end-users cannot use one of the hundreds of most commonly used passwords. There is also a traditional password strength meter and passwords are never sent over plain text.


Evoq Social is an enterprise-class solution that incorporates a broad range of best-in-class social community capabilities including true extensibility, an intuitive and consistent Management UI. Evoq Social gives users the ability to integrate communities into corporate websites, instead of driving customers to a third-party social site, which enables them to monitor and shape the customer conversation. Thriving user communities can help reduce support costs, drive product innovation and increase sales and brand awareness at an affordable price point.


DNN is also working with Microsoft Corp. to make DNN Evoq available in the cloud. Evoq Social and Evoq Content can now support virtually any and all frameworks via the Windows Azure platform.


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