Dynamic Effects for Plain Publications

WebPublished announced the launch of a rather innovative solution which enables content publishers to upload and embed special effects onto their plain publications (white papers, brochures, even print magazines) in minutes thanks to what the company is calling the first "rich expressive digital self-publishing platform" in DBook. 

Web Published DbookUsers of the system have of a whole host of features at their disposal including the ability to include video, slide presentationss, animations, voice recordings, a customizable menu bar, and pop-ups on advertisements to name just a few. WebPublished's DBook also includes XML impemented data format, programmable source editing, and automatic hyperlink extraction.  

Content publishers are in a tight spot these days with more and more channels available for prospects to consume their messaging. "Unless it's simple and affordable, the valuable digital assets never reach to readers. We provide our solution to content owners who want to pay less, but expect high quality for their digital needs," said Charles Kim, WebPublished founder and CEO.

A free trial and demo is available online at WebPublished.com